About Asi

Asi Library, one of the Maram Foundation’s projects, aims to spread knowledge through a diverse collection of books in Arabic, Turkish, and English from all over the world. The library can accommodate more than 7,000 books, and contains a special section for children.

Asi Library

The vision

To create a distinctive environment for learning, communication, and the free exchange of ideas

The message

To contribute to the dissemination of various cultures and ideas, and to build bridges between these diverse cultures and surrounding communities

Aims/ purposes

  • create a library with diverse content in various disciplines
  • serve people who are interested in learning new things, and excelling in various fields of study.
  • contribute to the sharing of cultures between communities
  • contribute to a healthy integration of Syrian culture into the surrounding local community of Gaziantep, Turkey
  • The promotion of research and critical thinking, especially among students, teachers, and young people
  • coordinate with other libraries in order to better exchange information, and access necessary resources

Subscribing to Asi allows service members, patrons, organizations, institutions, and individuals to take advantage of all of the library’s services and events free of charge

How to Contribute

Donate Your Own Collection

You can choose any book from your private library, and send it to our address. If you wish to further leave your mark on the library, we would be thrilled to write personalized dedications on each of these books/donations—stating your name, as well as your personal reason for donating to the Asi library.

Purchase Books for the Library

You can donate to the Asi Library to buy books already sold in Turkey, or use one of the many websites advertising shipping services to Turkey. If you choose the latter, simply write in our shipping address.

Volunteer to Carry Books

If you intend to come to visit us in Turkey, let us know your address, as well as the date of your trip! We will provide you with a list of books that the library is in need of, and you can deliver them to us directly.

Our Books

We harbor a diverse collection of books, in various genres and languages













Library Services

Copying and photocopy

Borrowing books

Indoor Reading

Email newsletters


Electronic reading

Library Activities

Book club
Cinema club
Music club
Art exhibitions

Get in Touch

We would love to hear from you, so please send us any feedback that you feel could improve our work.
You can reach us in person, by message, or by phone.

Contact Info

Maram Foundation
Sariguluk Mahallesi -61006.sokak-No:12/C
P: (123) 456-7890